Landing pages are the first things that you see when you first load a website. These landing pages are what persuade your potential customers or clients to contact you, sign up, or take some action. You want to include the most important things about your company or business in your landing page. In this article, we will talk about some of the tips and tricks that can help you create a perfect landing page. These tricks are parts of the analyses based on SEO, UX design, and psychology.

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First things first

You want to include all the important things first. A customer comes to your website, and if the first thing that they see isn’t what sets your business apart from other businesses, they might as well leave. You don’t want that. You want two things to happen when a user enters the website: to understand your activities, and to take action. In order for them to take some action, you can either use a CTA (Call-to-action) button to redirect them to take some action. This CTA can be a sign-up form, a button to trigger a scroll-down, or a button to subscribe the user to the mailing list of your newsletter. Whatever that is, you want to include that in the first place. Before that happens, users need reasons to trust your website.

The rest of the hero section (the section where users see first) can be dedicated to creatively establish trust with the user. All the things that you want to include should be visible without the user having to scroll down to the rest of the content. Do not put the CTA or the content below the fold. The hero section can be above the fold but it can not be lower. You might have other content included in the page beneath the hero section. Let’s see some examples of this.

As you can see in this example of the website, Breather, which is a workspace provider for various businesses, the hero section has a CTA button that redirects you to explore more spaces. Below that where the line “Workspace made simple” is just after the hero section where the rest of the content starts. The users can then scroll down and read on. However, the main data, the great visuals, and the CTA is located above the fold of the screen.

Get to the point

Many people think that your landing page has to be filled with all the good things about your business, or it should include all the data in the hero section so your users can read more about you. But that is a wrong point of view. It is important to keep the information brief and have your copy boldened out so your users can clearly see what your services entail. You can use related visuals to create an atmosphere where your users can understand what the business is all about upon arrival. However, if you think that there are some things that your users should know, you can include a button that says “Read More”. As easy as that!

Let’s look at Uber as an example for this. They are a company with established trust. They use visuals of their company’s values and then they get right to the point with the correct CTA. The hero section also ends way above the fold. And then, they have a “See how” CTA button right beneath that for more information. This is an example of a perfect landing page.

Another great example for this is Spotify. They have their slogan written in big and bold. This is the first thing that we see when we load the website. After that they just have a CTA button calling to install Spotify. No unnecessary information, no tricks, and straight to the point!

Use Comprehensive Visuals

As we said before, your landing page should make the user feels all that you want them to feel from your business. You should use visuals that make them understand your business with just one look. Adopting all that was said in the previous tips while having great images and comprehensive visuals can make your landing page look professional. User will engage with your website once they realize you share the same values as them.

We are living in the age of visuals, and the closest way someone can tell if they like your business is your design. So, make your visuals relatable, use the same color scheme as the rest of your website and your branding, and if you are using vector art or flat images, do not make them look too generic. Give them some of your brand’s taste! Let’s take a look at this example by Ellevest, an investment platform for women. They attitude is well reflected in their visuals. They also have a well-placed CTA button and their slogan is bold and easy to see.


Top Web Design Services
Top Web Design Services

Using these tips, you can easily transform your landing page. As mentioned before, you do not need all your data on your landing page. If you are still unsure what kind of a landing page you would like, you can contact our professionals at PengYi Labs to make sure you get exactly what you have in mind for your business.

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