It is important to stay up to date with the latest trends in web design. Everyday, creative web designer show us that adopting new trends is a good way of standing out. In this article, we will be introducing some of the best tips and tricks that have become trendy recently.

These tricks make your website attractive and easy to interact with. Whether you decide to design your website yourself or you wish to cooperate with a web design company, make sure to adopt these trends to give your website a modern look.

Use Retro Elements in Your Web Design

We can’t deny the fact that retro elements are very aesthetic in design. Using retro elements weirdly gives a retrofuturistic feeling to your website. One of the most aesthetic things nowadays is using Retro fonts in a background of drawings and grain textures.

Use Horizontal Scrolling

It is nothing new to notice that a lot of applications use horizontal scroll in several sections. One thing you can do that will maximize the first impact on your users is horizontal scrolling for an entire main page.

Use 3D Figures on Your Web Pages

This one is one of the biggest trends right now. You can make your website with 3D images and pictures with depth while using flat fonts next to them. This will give a real-life feeling to your website. Lots of websites are doing it right now, so if your branding matches it, you should definitely be using some 3D figures.

Use Trendy Colors in Web Design

This is probably one of the most important tips anyone can give you. You might ask how to identify trendy colors. There are websites that make this job easier for you. In order for your brand to look more shiny, using these colors in your shades and main colors should be your number one priority.

The easiest way to pick your own trendy combination of colors is visiting Adobe Color Trends and Coolors Trends. You can find lots of color trends according to each niche there. For example, if your business is related to fashion, just take a look at the trendy combinations in the fashion section.

Use Textures for Background

This trick is one that nearly all big companies use nowadays. The easiest way to do this is to just type in “Background textures for website” in the search box and you will be presented with lots of grain textures that give a natural feeling to your website. These textures make your website feel more real.

Gaussian Blur for Stylish Web Design

One of the most common effects that we see nowadays on most websites is the Gaussian blur. It is basically a type of blur that focus on some colors very softly, and creates a kind of harmony between the rest of the background and the color that is being focused on. You can see one of the best examples of this effect below in the Good Books website. In this example, the effect also moves and swirls around itself, creating attractive visuals.

Add Dark Mode

This one is not just a trick, but if you add it to your website, it increases accessibility. Lots of big companies are adding it now, so why not. Another stylish thing you can do is make your whole website in dark mode. That does not hurt the eye during day time, and at night time it is easy to read. One of the websites that has done this is Peter Lindbergh‘s tribute website. This website combines all the trends we have seen so far, such as a vibrant background grain texture, horizontal scrolling, dark mode, and retro elements.

Use Cartoonish Illustrations and Elements

This is also very common nowadays. You don’t have to worry about learning graphic design or illustration. There are lots of ways you can achieve it. You can either ask a web design company like PengYi Labs do that for you, or you can use one of these websites that allow you to purchase their library of illustrations. So you can easily just use the illustrations by paying a subscription fee or purchasing the designs.


Whether you are just starting out or you want to improve your business website, applying these trends and tips in your design will heavily increase the number of people who trust your business. Let’s be honest. A business cannot compete in this competitive space if they don’t use elements that will make them look better than their competitors.

You can get help from professionals at PengYi Labs to do them and more for you, or you can start by adopting the above trends. Just make sure that you check back every year to find out new design trends for your business. Things don’t always remain the same, and creativity has no limits. Maybe your website can be the next best sample for new trends.

If you need help or advice, our professional team of designers and developers is ready and available for new web design and development projects.