Trends are everywhere. They work on everything. Our digital world works with trends, and if you fall behind them, you might not be seen. Not everyone should spend lots of time coming up with a good user experience strategy by researching and testing what users find comfortable. If there is an efficient strategy that is proven to work the best, why spend lots of time creating new ones and testing them over years? In this article, we will be checking out some of the best user experience design trends that can help you boost your business.

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Top Web Design Company Services


When users enter a website, one of the most important things that will impress them are the interactions. The more the reactions of the website to what users do, the more lively the product feels. Has it ever happened to you that you enter a website and you feel like it has not been touched in years, so you just turn away and use a more interactive website? It might not be that they have not updated the website, but that the website is not interactive enough. Nowadays, interactions mean everything. A product only having the necessary data for a user does not mean it is successful. In this day and age, users want to feel like the business shares the same values as them. They want to feel like the product is the right thing for them. They need their personalities and goals reflected on the website. Not only your audience matters, but you should also know what they want and how they feel. Is your audience interested in cakes? Then give your website a feeling as if users can smell the freshly baked cake from the design!

The same user experience design idea can be used in creating micro-transactions. You can try to create these little reactions made by your website or app. One of the best examples for this can be seen below.

Sometimes, these micro-interactions can be turned into macro-interactions. For example, the entire screen can change, animations can play in the background, movements around the page can make the users feel like the website/app is alive. Another great example can be seen below.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Everyone has seen the Instagram and Snapchat and TikTok filters. But those things are ancient right now. With the new concepts and technology advancements, we can create much more practical products using virtual and augmented reality. There are food delivery apps that show you your food before you order the delivery. There are apps that show you your nearby restaurants before you go there. You can surf through the restaurants in 3D AR and decide if you like it or not. One of the most useful things that already exist is the concept of trying on the shoes that you want to order by showing you how they would look on you. AR and VR are definitely trends to jump on their train as soon as possible.

Look Different, Do the Same

Trends do not always mean looking like the rest of the people. Sometimes trends make you look different. In the field of user experience design, it is great to look different while offering the same layout to the users. Old-school art and weird UI makes your audience interested and might even make them laugh or remind them of something nostalgic. This is the case especially if you keep the UI in retro art, but keep the experience as modern as it gets. The clash between modernity and nature, classic art, retro art, deep human emotions and movements, and comic atmosphere is the best cross-over. You can do yourself a favor and make your product stand out by giving it a different look. Don’t always follow the flat designs and vector arts that everyone does. Bring in the nostalgia and offer users the best services they can get. However, keep in mind that using this trick depends on your business goals and does not always go well with every type of product!

Self-promote Secretly

Users are all used to clicking a link on Google and being redirected to a page with a big button telling them to “Learn More” or “Book a Call” or “Sign up.” Then they’ll just click on that and be redirected to another page. If you can make that happen, you’d consider your product a success. However, yelling out what users should be doing and the fact that you care about them or boldening the services that your company offers in bright red is not going to remain successful as a strategy.

Nowadays, users need to feel your services in your design. They need to be in touch with your branding in every single icon and text and picture that exists on your website. Quality is the best type of promotion. Don’t just yell out your brand; show it to users instead. The example below does this perfectly.



If you want to stay around for a long while, you should be jumping on the train of advancement. UI and UX design technologies are growing very fast, and before you know it, new technology will emerge. Remember, you don’t need to re-invent the stairways that have been build before. Just step on them and use them to reach your own goals.