Sometimes gathering a team and finding the best professionals in a niche is not the easiest thing. This is the case especially if you want to build a website for your first business. In order to have a good website that can survive competing with its biggest rivals, you need to set the foundation properly. To do that, you can benefit from collaborating with a web design and web development company. In this article, we will be covering what a web design company does and how you can cooperate with them.

General Services Offered by a Web Design Company

When you contact a web design company, since the moment they start working with you, they will be responsible for things like ideating website layout and structure, designing the user experience and the user interface, developing the website and doing the front-end development, fixing the bugs and issues that the website might have, and maintaining the website until your project launches. They will be supporting you in every aspect that you need for your website to be interactive and visually attractive.

One thing that you have to keep in mind is that your business will most probably need a mobile application. This application should be created by professionals. Many web design companies will also help you with your business’s application. Even if you don’t need a mobile application, your website needs to be responsive. It has to change the layout automatically when it detects that the website is loading on a mobile device. All of these services are things that a web design and web development company is responsible for. You do not have to worry about your customers having problems on their mobile phones where parts of the website fall outside of the frame.

So far, we know the general services that a web design company offers. Let’s break them down one by one.

UI and UX Design

The first step that a web design company will be taking to create your ideal website or app is designing the user interface and the user experience. In these steps, according to your time and budget, the web design company will be ideating and creating wireframes and layouts of your ideal website. You can comment on these layouts and structures and change any parts that you like. After that, the company will be designing the visuals of the website and your branding. The web design team will be using your colors of choice to create buttons and shapes and illustrations and giving your website some color. Then, they will be testing the prototype of your website on some users to see how they interact with it. If everything was successful, they move on to the next step.

Web Development

In order for your job to be easier later on, you will need to choose a programming language that you or your team of developers can handle later. You will first need to choose a programming language suitable for your needs. A web development company will aid you in that matter. For example, you have to choose between HTML, PHP, ASP and JavaScript.

Next, the web development company will be coding the website for you and making sure everything matches the user interface and user experience designs provided earlier. In this stage, all the pictures, videos, and every other type of media has to be made compatible with your website. All the metadata and SEO-related tags have to be managed in this stage, and your website has to be debugged. The front-end and the back-end have to match, and there should be no disruption in the functionality. Once again, the website has to undergo testing before launching for potential customers.

Next, speed tests and performance tests have to be run on the website to make sure that customers have no problem loading your website on various devices or with different connection speeds. All the things that slow down the loading speed of your website have to be diagnosed and fixed. These are vital steps in creating a flawless website.

What a Web Design Company Does after the Launch

Things do not end with the launch of your website. For a while after, the web design and web development company will aid you in all the problems that clients and customers might have with your website. They will be there to help you with your presence on Search Engines and fix any issues that may arise.


There are lots of things that your first website is going to need. Of course, you might be able to take some web design and web development courses, but the professionals at a web design company like PengYi Labs will help you achieve your goals faster and have a much better outcome. These professionals have spent years at studying and designing and developing successful websites, and that is not something that you can achieve overnight. If you would like to have a great website, wait no more. Your dream website is one meeting away from you.

If you need help or advice, our professional team of designers and developers is ready and available for new web design and development projects.