When it comes to web design, there are many different tools. Sometimes you and your business might not know which one to choose. You may have heard of Figma one way or the other. You may have also heard how everyone says it’s a great tool. In this article, we will be checking out every single cool feature that benefits your business if you use Figma.

Nothing is a greater promotions for something than quality. Figma has got it all. If you need project management, UI design, UX design, and even graphic design, you’d better read to the end, because you are in for a treat!


Figma is Web-Based

This is the single most important reason why Figma is such a great tool. The fact that it is a web-based platform allows for more functionality. A lot of people used to be skeptical about the quality of a web-based service. Lots of other services are slower when they are on the web. However, this is not the case with Figma. Throughout the years, Figma has proven that it is as productive in design as the offline tools.

Since Figma is web-based, there are lots of advantages in working with it.

  • You don’t need to worry about your computer shutting off in the middle of your work. The app saves your files automatically. Whenever no internet connection is available, Figma saves the changes to the file on your browser. You do not need to worry about any loss of data.
  • Collaboration is made easy, since the people you share your files with can easily view or edit the files at the same time.
  • You can create live prototypes where other collaborators can view them at the same time and post their comments on them. There is no need to share the Prototype files or any other file.
  • It is possible to create teams for different projects, and without having to download or share any file, they can see all the updates to the designs on a secondly basis.
Figma is web-based
Figma is web-based.

Figma Lets You Control Everything

You might have been scared when it was first mentioned that other people can view your file and edit it at the same time. But that’s not all. You can choose who will be able to only view the file, who can edit it, and who can have access to all the features in a team project. You do not have to worry about too many people being present. If you are not comfortable with that, Figma can still be private for you.

This is the case with every other feature, as well. You can control how your files look, how to share the files with other people, how to classify data, and how to keep your workspace clean.

Animations in Figma
Animations in Figma.

Prototypes and Testing

One of the things that the other tools out there lack is the ability to share prototypes. If your team wants to check out how things look like on a screen, they can see the prototype on a real-time basis. All you have to do is share the link with them!

You can also see the product’s prototype on mobile devices using the Figma Mirror apps for iOS and Android devices. You have the ability to share this with users in order to carry out the process of user testing.

A GIF made in Figma
A GIF made in Figma.

Replacing Zeplin

Since Figma already has a built-in feature that allows programmers to check the codes in whichever format they would like, you potentially do not need Zeplin. You can easily view the design in languages such as CSS, XML, etc., or view all the components that you need for the front-end development organized and easy-to-copy, such as color codes in different formats of HEX, RGB, and RGBa. Additionally, you can avoid using more applications if you only choose to work with Figma.

Zeplin, a tool for developers.

Figma is Advanced

There are several things that Figma allows your business to do that will transform your workspace into a more dynamic atmosphere. These features can help boost the pace that your project is moving forward. You can also avoid creating elements every time you want to use them.

  • You can create design kits. These kits will be there when you need patterns or templates to just copy and paste. You can fill them up and avoid recreation.
  • You can build component libraries and easily drag and drop the elements on the screen. For example, you can create your navigation bar once and reuse it on every page. You might want to replace one color in the entire design. This is also possible to do with the library of colors that Figma allows you to create.
Components library.
Figma’s components library.
  • You can create or use plugins on Figma that transform the way you work: add textures, connections to other apps, translate the elements into more programming languages, and do many other cool things.
  • Using Figma’s API, developers can customize the way your team works on Figma. Things can become much faster and much easier. For example, you can convert Figma files to ReactJS.
ReactJS and Figma.


If you are still in doubt whether you should use Figma or not, just give it a try! Figma might offer more than the offer services in lots of aspects, but it does not offer less in any other aspect. At PengYi Labs, we use Figma for most of our projects. It is easy to collaborate with clients and understand them better. We can improve the designs and organize them into specific categories that will always remain there as a story of our memorable collaboration.